Resolving to heal amidst fear and frustration is an incredibly brave choice. It is my honor and privilege to walk with you on your personal journey.



As your therapist, my goal is to help you recognize and become your best self. Together, we will come to a greater understanding of the challenges you face and work towards discovering effective solutions. My focus is to help you gain confidence and develop new skills that will enable you to engage more fully and vibrantly within friendships, relationships, career, and most importantly, with yourself. 

I'm often asked about my philosophical and theoretical approach to therapy. I tend to draw from multiple schools of thought, tailoring my style to both the issues at hand as well as what speaks to you best. Most importantly however, I strive to be present in an authentic, compassionate, and respectful manner. 

Making the decision to seek help is never easy. It requires a great deal of courage to acknowledge and face problems head-on. I congratulate you in being an attentive listener to your own distress and look forward to being of assistance in your personal growth. 


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