Resolving to heal amidst fear and frustration is an incredibly brave choice. It is my honor and privilege to walk with you on your personal journey.

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As your therapist, my goal is to help you recognize and become your best self. Together, we will come to a greater understanding of the challenges you face and work towards discovering effective solutions. My focus is to help you gain confidence and develop new skills that will enable you to engage more fully and vibrantly within friendships, relationships, career, and most importantly, with yourself. 

If you're struggling in your relationship and feeling scared that you and your partner aren't going to be able to figure it out, I can help. I've seen couples on the brink of despair do the hard, sometimes ugly but always rewarding, work and find their way back to each other. Making a relationship work is not easy, what with all the stresses we throw at it like choosing to start a family or having a challenging career. It may feel impossible to feel safe and supported in your relationship right now from where you are, but trust me, it can happen. That longing you have for connection, can be answered. 

Making the decision to seek help is never easy. It requires a great deal of courage to acknowledge and face problems head-on. I look forward to helping you achieve your goals in an authentic, compassionate, and respectful manner. 


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