Yoga Instruction

I've been practicing yoga since 2001 when a former coworker "bullied" me into taking a class at Jivamukti Studio in NYC. Over the years, yoga has been a source of joy, frustration, peace, and grounding. In 2001, I decided to take the leap into yoga instruction through a YogaWorks sponsored 200-hr training as a means to both grow my own personal practice and round out my therapeutic skills.

My yoga practice has deepened my awareness of how closely connected the mind is to the body. Often we don't pay close enough attention to the clues our bodies give us as to what is going on in our heads. I utilize mindful awareness in therapy to help clients gain a greater understanding of their mental, emotional, and physical state. Where appropriate, I've encouraged patients who come in for psychotherapy to utilize some yoga poses or stretches as a part of their treatment for issues ranging from depression to anxiety.