If you're here, you've likely been thinking that you need a bit more support in dealing with your pregnancy and are interested in connecting with other similarly-minded mamas-to-be. I'm happy to offer a pregnancy support group, "Coping with Pregnancy," to women in the Washington, DC metro area. Group size will be limited to 10 members. Sessions are held once a week and typically run for eight consecutive weeks depending on the cycle.

For more info, please call Cindy at 202.643.8003 or email cindykimtherapy@gmail.com

I struggled with a lot of anxiety during my pregnancy and didn’t feel I could talk about it because everyone expected me to be ‘glowing.’ Really, I was scared to death about giving birth and was having a hard time handling other things that came my way. I felt very overwhelmed and didn’t deal well with things happening out of my control.
— A First-time Mom
I felt pushed and pressured to breastfeed and felt like everywhere I turned people seemed judgmental when I told them I felt that formula might be the better option for me and my baby.
— A First-time Mom
I had a lot of anxiety prior to giving birth - mainly around the upcoming lifestyle change.
— A First-time Mom
I was terrified the first trimester to have a miscarriage...[then] I was worried that something may be wrong with the baby...
— A First-time Mom

The trials and tribulations of pregnancy are often a very unique experience and can therefore lead to a feeling of being alone or isolated. I've heard from a lot of pregnant mamas that they're looking to connect with other women who really understand what it's like to be growing a little human inside their bodies. Pregnancy can bring with it feelings of anxiety, depression, identity confusion, partner struggles, etc. Not to mention physical body changes and the stress of having to figure out how to best care for an infant and nurture a child. Group therapy can impart a level of comfort in knowing that others are having or have had similar experiences. The compassion, honesty, and wisdom of the group can become a tremendous source of strength and support. My role as the therapist is to promote a safe and supportive environment, gently guide the group, and highlight patterns of thinking and behavior that may be getting in the way of living your life. I'll also teach and encourage the use of yoga and mindfulness meditation as a means towards coping with and reducing stress as well as manage anxiety.

A few of the things we'll be covering in group include:



  • What pregnancy is supposed to look like vs. what it actually looks like
  • Mood swings/Anxiety/Fears
  • Methods for Stress Reduction
  • Plans for Labor and Delivery
  • Partner/Family Support and Mother-Baby Attachment
  • What to expect in the 1st week with Baby